Bear Grylls: We're all more resilient than we believe

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Became the youngest man to ever reach the top of Mount Everest, at age of 23. Learned how to survive in most extreme environments, while serving as paratrooper with SAS. After a parachuting accident in South Africa, end up with three fractured vertebrae and facing possibility of never walking again. 18 months of difficult recovery later he got back on his feet and to full strength, ready to face the wilderness. Which is where we can find him in TV shows such as Man vs. Wild, Escape from Hell or Running Wild with Bear Grylls, shocking audiences worldwide, running fearless into extreme situations, eating giant worms, spiders, meat from zebra corpse, fat of dead camel, raw goat testicle or drinking own urine. Some of his biggest achievements include flying in a small powered paraglider over Everest or reaching one of the Antarctica’s most remote peaks. Bear Grylls is married, have 3 children and still goes wild.

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Bear Grylls isn't Your real name. Where did it come from?

I was christened Edward, that became Teddy, which then became Bear. Not very butch but there we go! I used to find it a bit awkward as a kid but it could have been worse, and since then it has always stuck, from teachers through to Seargant-Majors in the Army.

You are former soldier. Why do you leave? Do You miss it?

The military instills, above all, self discipline and my training with 21 SAS gave me the confidence to look after myself when the chips were really down. The training was obviously very physical but it was geared towards resourcefulness, attitude and endurance – being able to cross the mountains, in all weathers, day and night, carrying huge weights for long distances, and still operate effectively at the end of it. That required a mental resolve and is designed to test your spirit rather than just your aerobic fitness.

What was the most dangerous place You ever visit?

Flying in a small powered paraglider over Everest was probably one the most dangerous thing I have done – at that altitude there was so much that could go wrong especially with so much equipment strapped to my back. I reached a height of 8990m which was both humbling and terrifying at the same time! But ultimately it was a testament to an incredible team that we pulled it off. My bit was the easy bit.

Which three items do You always pack?

A backpack of positivity, resourcefulness and courage! Attitude will always win over gear.

What quality is the most important in extreme situation?

Survival is not just about knowledge and skills, its just as much about key traits; positivity, resourcefulness, courage and above determination.

What is the worst thing you've eaten in a survival situation?

I steal breaking the limit. But raw goat's testicles was the worst ever... I vomited in my mouth straight after!

What does the crew eat?

Army ration packs and as many healthy snacks as they can carry.

Do you ever fear for the safety of the crew during journey?

We've got a pretty special crew when we're out in field, almost like a second family. I've been working with some of guys for a decade now which is a total privilege, we operate in a pretty dynamic manner, with a huge element of trust in one another to deliver. I'd say they are the ultimate warriors out there, always focussed, adrenaline pumping and together we get the job done. They are the real heroes in my eyes - carrying heavy gear and doing everything I do  and often backwards!

Are there any countries You would like to explore?

I'd love to go back to Greenland and explore more. It's a vast wilderness of unclimbed peaks and mind blowing terrain.

Did You have any serious injury?

I fractured T8 T10 & T12 vertebrae in a freefall parachuting accident in southern Africa. My recovery involved endless back braces and setbacks but I credit it to the great care and attention given to me by the Armed Forces Rehabilitation clinic at Headley court, who looked after me and helped me get back to strength.

Have You ever thought your life was in danger? Have you ever been in situation when seriously think about dead?

The reality of survival is that it's terrifying. I learnt from filming that we're all more resilient than we believe. We're like grapes, when we're pushed and squeezed; you see what we're made of.

You are like real cartoon hero. Do You have any fears? Something... What You really afraid of?

It might sound crazy but im actually get really nervous at cocktail parties! There's something so awkward about them.

Do You have any special training plan?

I start each day with one of my training programmes - short sharp high intensity stuff.. I tend to do 30mins of very functional body weight training at one of our BG EPIC Training facilities that run these workout programmes. My favourite workouts are our BG EPIC training Hero workouts. See

Did You fall in love with some place?

The one place I love above everywhere is our small island hideaway in north wales UK. 20 acres a few miles out to sea with just one house on it and no mains electricity or mains water. A total haven that my family and me thrive in.

What travel recommendations do You have for adventurers?

Always travel with Faith, friends and a sense of humour. The rest is simply details.  Don't overload yourself with  kit and worries,  the best adventures are often the spontaneous ones.  Just ensure you follow your dreams and look after your friends along the way. And leave your ego behind. In the wild, you only get it wrong once.

Always remember to remain dogged in the face of adversity. It is the mark of a champion. You will fall down. But get back up. Keep going. The dawn often comes after the darkest hour.

What advice would You give the younger You?

Whatever happens, don't listen to the dream stealers in life. Trust me, there are plenty of them! Just keep going and follow the path less travelled, even when it is scary to go solo. That's always the more rewarding route...

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