Filip Tysander: The man behind Daniel Wellington

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At the beginning of all things is a dream, which slowly starts to turn into reality. It was the same thing in case of Filip Tysander, the new watch master. In case you don’t know this name, let us mention the best selling brand of watch in the price category of approximately 200 USD, Daniel Wellington. This man created the brand in 2011. In this branch of business, he’s unbreakable and persistent and he brought it all to the point where it is now. The first watch was sold in May 2011 and nowadays it is possible to find them almost all over the world. And, over one million pieces were sold in one year, which is really amazing!


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Filip Tysander is a keen traveler. And that’s how it all came to life. During his trip around British Isles he got acquainted with a new friend. His name was Daniel Wellington, a man wearing the vintage watch with NATO strap. He was Filip’s main inspiration in starting something new and Filip decided to combine design with minimalism. He connected two different worlds – Swedish and English, and the brand Daniel Wellington came to life. Brand, which presented the new collection, known as ’Grace’ at the Baselworld 2014 and this collection strated to tell a new trend.


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A lot of people know the brand Daniel Wellington, but many would like to know more about the man behind the brand. Can you tell us something more about you?

My name is Filip Tysander, 29 years old and founder of the Swedish watch brand Daniel Wellington. I have a background in marketing and have always been interested in business. I’ve been involved in the fashion industry for 8 years now but the story behind Daniel Wellington first started in 2011.

Did you come across any troubles in the beginning of the history of the brand when you thought ”I’ll leave it”??

The business industry is really tough and I have struggled with many different things along the way. I believe in that you need to put down many hours of practice if you truly want to succeed and master something great. I learned quickly that if you want to be successful you need to welcome challenges and learn by mistakes. Without the mistakes and the lessons I have learned from them I would not be where I am today with Daniel Wellington.


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Do you have anything special prepared for the nearest future? Something alike the Grace Collection at the previous Baselworld?

We are very excited to present the extended version of our Classy Collection that is soon to be available for purchasing. This lady’s model is still adorned with the Swarovski crystal index but with a slightly bigger watchface that definitely takes the Classy Collection to the next level.

For Baselworld 2015 we are preparing something special. For the world’s biggest trade fair in the watch industry we find it only appropriate to present something new, which we indeed will do.


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Which watch brand is your favourite and why?

I am fascinated with Patek Philipe, a Swiss watch manufacturer with eminent design. When it comes to the design they embrace simplicity and still manage to combine it with artistic details. Their watches are really impressive.

Do you have an interest in watches outside of your own brand? What pieces do you have and which model was the most expensive one??

I had no great interest in watches before Daniel Wellington as I did not find anything that really tickled my fancy. With Daniel Wellington we have always aimed for perfection, we want to provide classic yet affordable timepieces that will be suitable for every occasion. I am very pleased to say that all of the watches I own are of my own brand, the style is precisely what I was looking for but did not find before.

Please describe a normal day in the life of Filip Tysander.

No one day is like another! I am happy to say that except emails, calls, meetings and conventions, my life involves a lot of travelling. One of the big perks of Daniel Wellington being such an international brand.

Daniel Wellington is a huge success in fashion watches. What is your recipe for success?

The preppy style and the fact that our timepieces are classic and affordable are features and characteristics that appeal to many. The clean cut watchfaces go perfectly with both the playful NATO straps and the elegant leather straps. I am very confident that we will maintain this leading role in the world of fashion watches in the future as I truly believe in our concept.


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Please describe your relationship to fashion. Do you keep an eye on current trends?

I certainly keep an eye on things that inspires me and see how those things might be applicable into our design. I still want to be true to my design and try not to allow other brands influence me too much. Success in this area for me is when you come up with something unique, work hard and pay attention to details in the quest for perfection.

Thank you so much for the interview! Any words for the fans?

Each day Daniel Wellington reaches hundreds of thousands of people across the world through social media, the Daniel Wellington team owes every member of the DW family a huge thanks for all their support! The appreciation we receive from our fans is truly overwhelming.


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